Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wahl, Mitch - C - Spokane

Mitch Wahl / Spokane Chiefs WHL
C-R / 5-11.5, 175 / 22-Jan-1990

Skating: 55 / Skill: 70 / Sense: 70 / Compete: 25 / Tough: 25

Strengths: Great vision and creativity. Terrific passing touch. Underrated shot.

Weaknesses: Not willing to pay the price physically to make plays.

Great playmaking ability. Sees the ice very well and has a knack for against-the-flow passes that make for great scoring chances. Has a case of Fancy Play Syndrome - has a good shooting touch but looks for the beautiful pass too much. Hates being hit and pulls the chute if he sees he's getting lined up for a hit. Throws more snow than a bunch of suburban Buffalo school kids in the neighborhood park on a January morning. Don't think he's scared, but he often plays like it.

Summary: Has mid-first round skill, but aversion to being hit is a huge red flag for me. (Sorry Chiefs fans, nothing personal, it's just how I see it. I know it won't help any, but I love your '09 guys; Cowen and Koper.)

Target/Want: Will go much higher than I'd put him. Could sneak into the late first round, but 2nd seems more likely to me. Not sure I'd consider at all in the first three rounds.

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