Thursday, June 05, 2008

Calvert, Matt - LW - Brandon

Matt Calvert / Brandon Wheat Kings WHL
LW-L / 5-9, 164 / 24-Dec-1989

Skating: 60 / Skill: 55 / Sense: 60 / Compete: 55 / Tough: 45

Strengths: Good shooting touch. Good hockey sense. Works hard and gives consistent effort.

Weaknesses: Very smallish. Not sure I see a lot of upside.

Grows on you the more you see him. But still not sure I see anything much more than a very good junior player. Good, but not great skater. Best asset is his shot, but other than that he seems a little one dimensional to me.

Summary: Just have a hard time getting excited about this player. Shocked at his high rating by Central, but I suspect they aren't alone in liking him in the early rounds.

Target/Want: Will go way, way above where I'd slot him. Don't dislike this player, just can't make a real good case for him based on my viewings.

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