Thursday, June 05, 2008

Schmidt, Tyler - D - Tri-City

Tyler Schmidt / Tri-City Americans WHL
D-L / 6-0, 198 / 13-Apr-1990

Skating: 45 / Skill: 40 / Sense: 55 / Compete: 60 / Tough: 70

Strengths: Excellent strength. Very effective physically. Solid in his own zone.

Weaknesses: Small frame for the style he plays. Puck skill is limited.

Want to like this player more, but is just too much of a tweener for the pro game. Excellent strength and gets really good leverage against forwards in the crease. Punishing hitter along the boards. Dropped the gloves more this season, but still didn't see him stick up for teammates consistently.

Summary: Had high hopes for this player coming into this season, but just didn't show enough improvement with the puck to justify moving up the rankings. Hard to argue to an NHL GM they should spend a high pick on a 6-foot stay at home defenceman.

Target/Want: Middle rounds. If he slides to the fifth, I might start arguing for him.


Anonymous said...

I believe that his puck skills are very underrated. Great passer, this guy lead team Manitoba in scoring at the Canada Winter Games last year. Did the best with the role he ws given this year and has allot more to offer if someone gives him a chance.

Anonymous said...

He was likely Tri's best d-man in the playoffs. I think he's very underrated.

Joe said...

I have never read this or blogged before but I felt that I had to respond to this draft note. As I was doing a little surfing on the 2008 Prospect Tournament in Michigan, I noticed a familiar name, Tyler Schmidt. He now has 2 assists, 1 being on a game winner against the Blues and is plus 2 so far for the tournament. So are we talking about the same guy here? This is the guy that led Team Manitoba in scoring in the Canada Winter Games including a 3 goal, 2 assist performance against P.E.I. as well as a 2 assist performance, 1 being on the game winner during an emotional game with Quebec. Lacking lateral movement? Please... I have seen tremendous heart and skill from this player over the last few years and he fights way more than a 17 year old ever should. He has a great low shot from the point and can move the puck well from his own end. He could probably be an offensive defenceman but clearly puts the teams goals first and plays whatever role is requested whatever that may be. He is an agitator, so much so that he sometimes ticks me off. He can and has delivered some crushing highlight hits and tell me that doesn't spark a teams emotions. I have watched him in several game and playoff situations and have always felt he was under-utilized. He was, by my assesment, one of the stronger defenceman for the Tri City Americans run in the 2008 W.H.L. playoffs. I could continue to go on. So I ask again... Are we talking about the same guy here?