Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2008 Wrap - Everett

Everett Silvertips

Kyle Beach: Is the only certain draft pick on the 'Tips roster. I'm hearing a lot of buzz that there are quite a few teams looking to move up to grab Beach. Look for him to go between 5-10 overall, and probably to a team that trades up for a pick. I don't see any way he can go higher than 5, and it will be a real surprise if he slides lower than about 15 overall.

Jordan Mistelbacher: Intriguing combination of hands and competitiveness, but he never played real well for me. I think there's a good chance he'll go in the second half of the draft.

Zack Dailey: I absolutely love the way he thinks and plays the game - the kind of player coaches love to have. Problem is, he just doesn't have the size or skill level to be much of a pro prospect. Could get a late round call if some team sees him as a potential AHL captain.

Others: Lots of first year eligible players on this team, but not many beyond Beach and Mistelbacher are drawing much interest from NHL scouts. Shane Barrie played pretty well for me at times, but probably didn't get enough exposure to show up on any NHL lists. Matt Ius has some size and toughness, but might not offer enough in other areas to be worth a pick. Chris de la Lande, Tyler Eskesen and Tyler Skauge look like they could be solid junior players, but aren't probable drafts. Massive Brenden Stephen got a cup of coffee late in the season, but he'd have to wait until next year at best. And undrafted '89 Shane Harper has turned himself into a very good junior player, but I'm not sure he's quite enough to be a pick.

Looking Ahead to 2009: Jeff Regier has a good stride and some puck carrying ability, but I'm already wondering about the lack of production. Can also throw 'em pretty well in a fight, so I'd like to see him drop the gloves some more next season.


Anonymous said...

de la Lande is not eligible for the draft until next year.

Michael Remmerde said...

de la Lande's birthdate is 27-JUL-1990. He was eligible this year.

Anonymous said...

I think you will change your evaluation next year when he is given more ice time, he will surprise alot of people