Sunday, June 15, 2008

2008 Wrap - Regina

Regina Pats

Almost certain first rounders Colten Teubert and Jordan Eberle make for a pretty good pair of cornerstones for the Pats to make a run in the next couple of years. Matt Delahey is the only other probable draft this year.

Colten Teubert: Personally, I think Teubert should be knocking on the door of top ten overall, but I think he's more likely to go in the teens. I'll be stunned if he slides past 20 overall.

Jordan Eberle: Seems like he's pretty solidly slotted in the last third of the first round, but I won't be shocked if he jumps or slides a bit either way. Could sneak into the teens or could slide into the early 2nd round. I can't imagine him sliding much further down than about 35 overall, however.

Matt Delahey: A lot on interest among some teams for him, other teams probably don't have him on their list. Grew on me the more I saw him. Could go anywhere from the 4th round to the end of the draft.

Jeff Bosch: Yet another hard to see goaltender. Good glove and okay size suggest he's got at least a decent shot at being a late pick, or at least a camp invite.

Others: Matt Strueby does a lot of little things to help win games, but doesn't have enough skill to draw much interest at this point. Curtis Kulchar didn't have much impact and probably doesn't skate well enough for a 5-11 d-man to be a draft. Cody Hanson has some speed but that's about it. Mid-season pick up Todd Kennedy intrigued me with his size but didn't show any progress.

Looking Ahead to 2009: Love the way Garrett Mitchell plays the game and is already in the 2nd round on my list. He gets the most out of the talent he's got. Alex Pym is interesting, but is going to have to show something next season to get on anyone's list.

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