Monday, June 09, 2008

Toomey, Travis - C - Saskatoon

Travis Toomey / Saskatoon Blades WHL
C-R / 6-4.25, 189 / 18-Mar-1990

Skating: 25 / Skill: 35 / Sense: 40 / Compete: 60 / Tough: 55

Strengths: Big frame. Huge improvement between September and March. Physical and competes.

Weaknesses: Skating still very rough. Questionable skill level.

Looked like a no skill player until he went on a tear in the last 6 weeks of the season. Despite the February scoring binge, I'm still not convinced he has real good hands. Likes to throw his body around and will drop the gloves. Skating improved slightly this season, but is still a big negative.

Summary: Always have to keep on eye on the late bloomers, and this is one.

Target/Want: If he skated reasonably well at all, I'd consider as early as the 3rd. But 5th round makes more sense. May go surprisingly high.

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