Monday, June 16, 2008

2008 Wrap - Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat Tigers

My guess is the Tigers will have two players go, no more, no less.

Tyler Ennis: The more I try to figure out where he goes, the more I realize he's a real wildcard. Many NHL scouts dropped him a bit after the Top Prospects Game - but I'm sure others didn't. It's honestly not out of the question that Ennis could go as high as 20 overall - he's got that kind of skill. But the size is obviously the big X-factor. Second round seems more likely, but even a big slide isn't impossible either. Absolute worst case would be him going in the middle of the 3rd - at that point some team would wake up and players with that talent level have no business being available past about the 80th pick.

Wacey Hamilton: Another player NHL scouts were quiet about, which probably means he's a well-liked commodity. Nice combination of skill and grit, even though you wished he were bigger. I'd think he'll be considered somewhere around the 4th round or later. Seems to me certain to go somewhere.

Others: Jordan Hickmott, Thomas Frazee, and John Stampohar are the other first year eligibles. Hickmott has the best shot at going, although even that's slim. The rough skating Frazee has been a huge disappointment and Stampohar doesn't do enough despite his huge size. Tomas Vosvrda was one of the youngest players in last year's draft and could get a look from any team inclined to take two goaltenders in the draft. And '89 d-man Mark Isherwood might go very late or get a camp invite.

Looking Ahead to 2009: Tristan King brings some goal scoring ability over from Portland next year and is a middle round candidate as of now. Smallish blueliner Cody Carlson has quite a bit of puck ability and is probably a middle rounder at this point. Linden Vey could end up being the Tigers best '09 prospect, but he's barely an early rounder at this point.


Anonymous said...

Frazee may have been a disappointment - but rehabbed well from a nearly career ending injury and came beack to fight another day - the ice time Willie gave him was also disappointeing and my guess is that this kid is not done yet - Stompahar - okay?????and he offerd?????? Hickmott, beautiful skater and goes to the net, but softer than a baby's bottom....Hamilton - Don Hay's no dummy - there is a reason they traded him, so one is sure what it is yeat....and King - if he is that talented he should have stood out like a beacon in Portland...and he didn't....c'mon boys - you all need to grow up - as does the poster who offers nothing new and nothing corret really into his cmommenes

Anonymous said... need to learn how to spell, but your comments have merit

Isherwood started off strong this year but dropped out of sight - not good timing for a draft year

notice how the college boys start going later in the daft - safe be since no team has to put out any real money on those kids

Anonymous said...

Frazee is a quarter of a season away from being a total write-off. Hickmott has potential, but I think after this season if he doesn't put it together, he's done. That said, I think it's his year.

As for Stampohar, the kid came out of high school hockey last year! He's huge, and if he managed to bulk up at all over the summer, he could be scoring 50 points this year.

And please, anyone who's seen ever a single shift of Wacey Hamilton play knows this kid is gold...a player every team (at least every junior team) would LOVE to have.

Anonymous said...

and Isherwood is a top notch junior d-man...David Schlemko anyone?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments pertaining to Stampohar... he has been training at Minnesota Hockey Camps since the middle of June... will be there until August. He has alot of ability that will come out this year... no question about it he had some experience to gain to be productive.... but the kid can skate and has soft hands....also showed some toughness at the end of the year... go back to Sonne's comments on his toughness in the Edmonton paper... after he was beat in the first of 2 fights with him in one game...

Anonymous said...

Frazee's not done yet, Hickmott pretty much is, Stompohar..has he started - Hamilton, a liability...