Monday, June 09, 2008

McMillan, Brandon - C - Kelowna

Brandon McMillan / Kelowna Rockets WHL
C-L / 5-10.5, 188 / 22-Mar-1990

Skating: 60 / Skill: 40 / Sense: 50 / Compete: 55 / Tough: 40

Strengths: Good speed. Competes and has some grit. Coachable and will do whatever is asked of him.

Weaknesses: Lacks strength. Somewhat limited skill. Streaky. Lackluster playoff performance.

Very good top speed, but generally doesn't use it to his advantage. Has okay hands, but not the sort of skill level you want from a smallish player. Gets knocked off the puck easily and will need to get stronger. Responsible defensively.

Summary: Tweener. May be nothing more than just a good junior player. But on the plus side, he might have a little bit of Darren Helm in him.

Target/Want: Would consider in the last couple of rounds.

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Anonymous said...

Beg to differ on Brandon McMillan. Combine Testing puts Brandon in Top 5 in strength. As for skill - won top speed in prospects game and as a fan know his speed, passing, vision, and play making ability put in the elite group of prospects. His playoff performance role was a checker. I predict Brandon to be a top round pick.