Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2008 Wrap - Red Deer

Red Deer Rebels

Morgan Clark:
The Rebels best chance at a draft. Has quick legs and plays a confident style. Could go anywhere in the second half of the draft. There's so many other worthwhile goaltenders in this draft, that he may not go, but I think he's one of the better ones - worth grabbing late.

Juraj Valach: Is on the Red Line Report list again this year, but not mine (sometimes you get overruled by the boss). Can't stomach the way he left Kennewick. He'll find out this year that it wasn't Nachbaur's fault he didn't get drafted - it's his soft style of play. Instead of whining and demanding a trade he should have worked his ass off all summer to prove the NHL scouts wrong. I don't think he'll go this year.

Others: None of the remaining group of first year eligibles seem to be likely picks to me. Mike Scarborough might have the best chance, he had a late growth spurt and could be a wild projection pick. Mike Krgovich offers a lot of energy and some good skating. Joel Kot, Colin Archer, and Tomas Polak are also first year eligible, but didn't do enough to get much notice.

Looking Ahead to 2009: Landon Ferraro has all the raw ingredients scouts look for to be high pick, but he's a ways from putting it all together. Looked like he finally figured it out early in the season, but tailed off in the second half. He'd be 2nd or 3rd rounder right now, just on raw ability. Cass Mappin has a bit of skill and a physical style, and he'll start out as a possible middle rounder. Brett Miller has an interesting package of size and potential, and scouts will be watching to see if he can put it together next year. Justin Weller is also on the watch list.

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