Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mestery, Eric - D - Tri-City

Eric Mestery / Tri-City Americans WHL
D-L / 6-4.75, 195 / 28-May-1990

Skating: 70 / Skill: 50 / Sense: 20 / Compete: 55 / Tough: 40

Strengths: Tantalizing natural skills. Size and skating combination is rare.

Weaknesses: Does not think the game well at all.

Is a long ways away from utilizing his talent. Hockey sense just is not there. Great feet and has a fluid skating stride. Looks to have good hands, but decisions with and without the puck can be astoundingly bad. Tries to compete physically, but usually ends up making reaching hits and is generally ineffective using his body.

Summary: Here's your textbook definition of a project. Draft this guy and you're still going to leave yourself with a tough decision two years from now of whether or not to sign him. But if you're willing to spend the money and be patient, he offers upside that you just won't find in the middle rounds of the draft. Problem is, hockey sense doesn't often improve, no matter how much coaching you give.

Target/Want: Might argue for him with a 4th round pick if others I like are gone. But you have be patient with this one.

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