Monday, June 21, 2010

Kamloops Blazers 2010 Eligibles

Brendan Ranford / LW: Full profile

Jordan DePape / RW:
Full profile

Austin Madaisky / D:
Disagree a bit with my boss on this guy, as he's buried in the late rounds on the Red Line list. I see a decent skater with some puck skills and a big time shot. Decent size and some willingness to use it too. But he's bad in his own end, which I don't worry too much about when you're looking at a big mobile guy in the 3rd round or later.

Josh Caron / D: Big fighter didn't interest me too much until that playoff series against the Giants - where he showed he actually can play a little bit. Got a lot of top 4 ice time in that series and showed he can think alright in his own end. Doesn't do anything with the puck, but he's big and plays very, very tough, and that's worth something. But not worth spending anything more than a 6th/7th.

Chase Schaber / C ('91): We always knew this guy had some pretty good skill level, and he finally started to show it off after the trade from Calgary. Still has that speed and fearless style, too. Was on our list late last year and as a sleeper that we like, and maybe some team finally saw it. Probably gets passed over again, but deserves a camp invite.

Brandon Underwood / D: Thought this guy looked like something the first time I saw him as a 16-year old rookie, but the game just hasn't come along. Good size and a decent skater, but does not seem to have much hockey sense. Physical play and size might get him a camp invite.

Dalibor Bortnak / LW ('91): Second year eligible was on our list last year, and he's still got intriguing size and work ethic. But still has no hands.

Matej Bene / LW: Pretty forgettable as a pro prospect, but still could be a decent junior player.

Ryan Hanes / LW:
Expected a lot more production from this guy this season. Seems to have good energy and hockey sense, but I'm pretty shocked this guy only had 6 points. I saw some flashes of skill from this guy, but there's zero chance any scout is going to convince their boss to spend any round pick on a 5-10 guy with 6 points.

2011 Outlook: Tyler Hansen, Colin Smith, Dylan Willick, Rhyse Dieno, J.C. Lipon. Wow, what a young team with some good talent. Smith already looks like a possible top 100 candidate with his hands and speed. Willick is shifty and talented, but is going to have to prove he's willing to get involved physically. Hansen and Lipon will also be worth watching.

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Blazers released Bene awhile back.