Monday, June 21, 2010

Brandon Wheat Kings 2010 Eligibles

Mark Stone / RW: Good shooting touch. Big frame. Stride improved a bit this season, but still has heavy feet and will need to improve skating. Is on my list as a mid- to late-rounder, but he might go earlier.

Michael Ferland / LW: Good fighter, can contribute a little on offense. But if I'm picking a guy just as a fighter, ideally he'd have more size than this guy does. He's got a decent shot at going late, but he just misses the cut on my list.

Brenden Walker / RW: Didn't take much notice of this guy until the playoffs, but he showed some grit and energy when it counted most. Has some smarts and skill. Could get a late round look or at least a camp invite.

2011 Outlook: Klarc Wilson, Jesse Sinatynski, Jordan Fransoo, Liam Liston, Ryler Miller are eligible. No one really excites me yet, but Miller's a decent skater and his toughness is interesting. Sinatynski seems to have some hands. Wilson has a lot of raw ability and will be worth watching in his first full season in the WHL.


Alan said...

Mike - the Wheat Kings traded Klarc Wilson to Edmonton at the trade deadline, for Brent Raedeke.

Michael Remmerde said...

Oh, good call Alan. You'd think I would have remembered that, since my only notes on Wilson were when he was with Edmonton.

Anonymous said...

Miller isn't eligible until next year (late birthday).