Monday, June 21, 2010

Prince Albert Raiders 2010 Eligibles

Ryan Harrison / C: Gritty little guy oozes leadership and does whatever it takes to win. But his size and skill combination is underwhelming. One of those guys who you want to succeed. Decent speed and so-so offensive ability, but I hoped he'd put the puck in the net a lot more. Even if he doesn't make an impact in the NHL, he's the sort of player who can be a leader on your AHL squad. Worth a middle round pick.

Brandon Herrod / RW ('91): Second year eligible was one of the youngest players in last year's draft. Gets the most out of what he's got and has good work ethic. But that's not to say he doesn't have skill - has decent playmaking ability and shooting touch. Improvement I was looking for last season finally showed up this year. Thought he was worth at least a camp invite last year, and still think the same.

Jonathan Parker / RW: Quick hands and a good shot, but I'd like to see him go into traffic some more. Has some nice top speed, but takes him a few steps to wind it up. Looks a little too much of a perimeter player to me to be of much interest. Should be a good junior player, but really slumped after the trade from Seattle.

Emerson Hrynyk / D: Decent size and some okay two-way ability, should be a solid top four d-man for the Raiders over the next couple years, but not much of a pro prospect.

Tyler Yaworski / D: Has a big, lanky frame, but nothing to indicate he's much of a pro prospect as of yet.

Other 2010s: G Jacob Edwards.

2011 Outlook: Mark McNeill, Harrison Ruopp. McNeill has the kind of hands and instincts that seems like an early round talent.

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