Monday, June 21, 2010

Kelowna Rockets 2010 Eligibles

Brett Bulmer / LW: Full profile

Geordie Wudrick / LW ('90, Re-entry): I can't blame LA for not signing him, as he hasn't developed quite as expected. But I think there will be some other team willing to give a 6-3 guy who can score in close a chance. Probably doesn't go as high as he did two years ago, but maybe somewhere after the 4th/5th round.

Antoine Corbin / D: Has decent size, okay skater, and can move the puck okay. But he's a little too polite in his own end and just doesn't offer enough offense to be a finesse d-man. Central's probably not the only one to have him on a list, but then again, it won't surprise me if he doesn't get picked.

Adam Brown / G: Quite a disappointment for scouts this season after making a bit of a name for himself at the 2009 Memorial Cup. There's some good raw quickness here, but is a technical mess. Way too scrambly and bad footwork. If he were bigger, you'd accept that and try to teach some technique, but he's a small 5-10. Not on my list, but it's possible some team likes the raw athleticism with a late pick or camp invite.

Spencer Main / C: Showed some flashes of some decent talent, but I think it's too sporadic to draw much interest as even a late draft pick. Still, his size and raw skill might be worth a camp invite.

Colton Jobke / D: Plays a pretty solid all-around game, and is on his way to becoming a pretty good shut-down defender at this level. But he's got tweener size and playing style, so it's hard to get very excited about the pro prospects here.

Mitchell Chapman / D: Sort of liked this guy in Salmon Arm last year, but just didn't really improve much this year. Has decent mobility for guy his size, but seemed to struggle getting the puck out of trouble. Maybe a camp invite for someone.

Max Adolph / C: Good defensive ability and decent penalty killer, but that's about it.

Cody Chikie / C: Should be a pretty good junior player, but is tiny.

Codey Ito / C: Smallish guy has some nice speed, but hasn't done much in major junior so far.

2011 Outlook: Shane McColgan, Sean Aschim, Jessey Astles. McColgan is a mid- to late-first round talent on my list already. Mackenzie Johnston is a 2012.

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