Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Swift Current Broncos 2010 Eligibles

Justin Dowling / C (late '90): Thought this guy was worth a late pick last year, and he still might be this year. If he did better in traffic and had some grit, he'd be a pretty good prospect. But since teams would have only one year to sign him, he might be passed over again. Should get a camp invite, however.

Taylor Vause / C: Good speed and good hands, and competed a bit more regularly this season. If he hadn't slumped so badly late he might have got a late look. Still might be worth a camp invite.

Kyle Verdino / D: Injuries from serious car accident last summer hurt his development. There is some good puck skill here, but has always been a slow, lumbering skater.

Jordan Evans / D:
Improved skating quite a bit and is turning into a decent junior d-man. But he's a bit soft and doesn't do enough with the puck to be terribly interesting.

Andrew Sullivan / RW:
Huge, good strength, likes to drop the gloves. But I don't see much in the way of hand skill at all.

Other 2010s: Michael Hay, Andy Blanke, Brody Luhning

2011 Outlook: Reece Scarlett, Adam Lowry, Graeme Craig. NHL scouts might not have had much to get excited about on the Broncos this year, but that will change next year. Scarlett wowed the scouts in attendance at the U-17 tournament over Christmas, and has tremendous offensive ability from the blue line. He's in the top ten overall on our 2011 list. Lowry brings a great blue collar, grinding style and has the hands to be effective. Skating is his only negative, but is a solid 2nd rounder right now. Craig also has intriguing size and some puck moving ability.

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