Monday, June 21, 2010

Everett Silvertips 2010 Eligibles

Alex Theriau / D: There's a lot of raw talent here and quite a bit of upside. Very good skater and a lot of puck ability. But I expected a bit more regular offensive production. Okay size, but struggles to be effective physically - but I give him credit for consistently throwing the body around. I probably wouldn't consider him until the 3rd/4th round, and there's a chance he could sneak into the top 75 picks.

Kent Simpson / G: Everyone likes this goaltender better than I do. I saw him a lot this season, but he wasn't very good every time. I see huge holes up high and don't like his angles or play reading. Those are major red flags. But he does have some size and decent feet. He'll go quite a bit higher than I'd slot him, possibly in the late-2nd to early-4th round range.

Radko Gudas / D ('90): Was on the Red Line list two years ago, and he was amazing in his first season in North America. Just outstanding d-zone smarts and tough to play against. But does it translate to the pro ranks? The next level is a much faster game, so even as good as he is in the WHL he'll have a lot of adjustments to make. Problem is, he's a tweener - stay-at-home style but not the size to play it in the NHL. Still, his hockey sense is so good that he's worth a middle round pick.

Scott MacDonald / LW: Some speed and good offensive sense, but plays way too polite a game. Should be a good junior player but not a pro prospect at this point.

Markus McCrea / LW: Big guy looks even bigger than his listed 6-3 and has some hands, but he can't skate.

D. Jay McGrath / C: Little guy really competes, but I haven't seen any hands yet.

Gabe Minville / D: Don't know if anyone saw this guy. I know I didn't, and I saw Everett a ton of times this season.

2011 Outlook: Campbell Elynuik, Josh Winquist. And 2012-eligible Ryan Murray already is creating quite a buzz among NHL scouts with all his end-to-end rushes and strong playoff performance. He might be the early favorite for top Dub prospect in 2012.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Murray a late birthday so a 2012 draft eligible player?

Michael Remmerde said...

Yes, you're right. Man, I need a vacation.