Monday, June 21, 2010

Saskatoon Blades 2010 Eligibles

Curtis Hamilton / LW: If they still had the opt-in rule, his agent might tell him to wait until next year. Two broken collarbones adds some uncertainty. I was hoping he'd answer the questions this year I had about his somewhat soft style of play, but that didn't really happen this year. Has good hockey sense and some hands, but I can't decide if this guy could be a steal outside of the top 100 picks or too much of a risk. I think I'd just let some team with extra 3rd/4th round picks grab him.

Charles Inglis / C: I liked the scrappy, yappy agitator from last year, but he toned that down too much for like this year. Has nice speed, good forechecker, but the compete level seemed to be down a bit this season. Hands don't project to top two lines in the pros at all, but he could be a decent defensive/energy guy. Has some mid-round value.

Josh Nicholls / RW: Big framed and raw, but there could be some hidden upside here. Average skater, but the projectable size and hands are interesting. Might get some late round interest.

Curt Gogol / LW/D: I still like this guy a bit despite all the drama this season. Plays angry, and that's appealing, even though there doesn't seem to be much skill. Maybe not worth a pick, but invite him to your camp to throw some big hits and drop the gloves a few times.

Other 2010s: Braeden Johnson, Tyler Kizuik.

2011 Outlook: Brent Benson, Duncan Siemens. Both Benson and Siemens could be early rounders. Siemens and his rugged, but skilled style are the best bet for now, and could end up being a first rounder. Benson is a good two-way forward now, but will need to produce some offense next year. Dalton Thrower is a 2012.

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