Monday, June 21, 2010

Tyler Bunz / G / Medicine Hat WHL

Tyler Bunz / Medicine Hat Tigers WHL

G-L / 6-1.25, 196 / 11-Feb-92

Strengths: Good overall quickness. Decent size. Good footwork.

Weaknesses: Can get a little scrambly at times. Tends to go down too early. Might not have #1 upside.


Has looked very good every time I've seen him the last two seasons, but the numbers never quite seemed to match the talent. But the numbers started to come around late this season and during the playoffs.

Looks to me like he bulked up quite a bit this season, and I wonder if that's hurt his quickness a bit. Seemed much quicker last season, but still has pretty quick legs and gets around the crease smoothly. There's a good mix of technicals and raw athleticism here, and I don't see any real serious flaws.

Summary: I like this guy much better than Kent Simpson, but I probably still wouldn't spend anything more than a 4th on him. I think the consensus opinion has him a bit underrated.

Draft Day: Should go in the middle rounds.

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