Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Seattle Thunderbirds 2010 Eligibles

Calvin Pickard / G: Full profile

Ryan Aasman / D: Just hasn't developed. Has good feet and nice mobility, but seems to have trouble thinking the game. I don't see much chance of even a camp invite here.

Chance Lund / LW: Good amount of (very) raw talent to go along with the size, but is a long ways from putting it together. Decent speed for his size and willing to compete.

Other 2010s: Erik Fleming, Chance Lund, Mikhail Sentyurin, Brendan Rouse, Michael Salmon

2011 Outlook: Colin Jacobs, Tanner Muth, Tyler Alos, Luke Lockhart, Mitch Elliot. Jacobs is a top 75 talent, and would be higher but for sub-par skating. Muth should turn into a very good junior d-man, but I will have to wait to see if there's a pro prospect there. I like the energy and defensive smarts Alos offers, but he's going to have to put some points up next year. Lockhart is fun to watch with his speed and reckless style, but will have to produce points at his size.

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Anonymous said...

Lund is mentioned in both the Top part and the other 2010 prospects.