Sunday, June 07, 2009

Peck, Alexandre - G - Victoria BCHL

Alexandre Peck / Victoria Grizzlies BCHL

G-L / 6-4, 185 / 28-Oct-90

Strengths: Big, long limbed and has good raw quickness.

Weaknesses: A bit raw. Doesn't have great feet and is a bit slow moving around the crease.

Huge frame and has good reactive quickness. Seems to have a pretty good glove, but needs to use it more.

Summary: This guy is one of my sleepers, but there's some risk that I'm manufacturing a player since I only saw him once. But the size and raw athleticism is pretty evident. If I'm at a draft table and it's down to a late round pick, I'd argue for this low-risk, potentially high-reward player.

Draft Day: Was a bit hard for scouts to see this season - so it may be no one got a real good read on him. May not go at all, but could get a late look.

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