Sunday, June 07, 2009

Mappin, Cass - LW - Red Deer WHL

Cass Mappin / Red Deer Rebels WHL

LW-L / 6-0.0, 186 / 19-Dec-90

Skating: 45 / Skill: 60 / Sense: 55 / Compete: 25 / Tough: 50

Strengths: Quite a bit of natural puck skill.

Weaknesses: Does not compete. Floats and spends a lot of time around the perimetre. Barely average skater.

Despite getting on the scoresheet in most of the games I saw him, did not impress me even once. When I see this much lazy, floaty play, it's hard to not completely write off the player. That said, there's a lot of puck ability here and some good offensive instincts.

I give him credit for a willingness to drop the gloves on occasion. But to be brutally honest, that just seems like phony toughness when you spend most of the game strolling around the ice like it's an old-timer's exhibition game.

Summary: This is a "well, I guess I'd take him at some point" player for me. But I couldn't even argue hard for him in the 7th round. Almost certainly goes much higher than I have him.

Draft Day: Some teams don't mind taking "casual players" somewhat high. Probably because of the old scouting cliche about it being easier to light a fire under a player than transplant a new set of hands on one. So he could still go pretty high, maybe the 3rd round might be a best case.

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