Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gallimore, Burke - RW - Saskatoon WHL

Burke Gallimore / Saskatoon Blades WHL

RW-R / 5-11.5, 195 / 08-Jan-91

Skating: 45 / Skill: 50 / Sense: 50 / Compete: 40 / Tough: 30

Strengths: Overall decent skill level. Consistent, if not especially passionate, effort level.

Weaknesses: Very soft. Probably not going to get much bigger.

This guy just didn't do anything worthwhile every time I saw him. There was some good production from this guy this season, so I know there must be some nice puck ability there. But I have to see it with my own eyes, and I just didn't.

Average skater at best. Seemed to be on cruise all the time and didn't do any of the dirty work. Seems to have no physical game at all.

Summary: This is a problem player for me. I just can't get on board with this guy - he was very bland in every viewing I had of him. I acknowledge he's almost certainly going way higher than I have him.

Draft Day: The Combine invite should mean he's no worse than mid-rounder...5th round or so.

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