Sunday, June 07, 2009

Bowman, Collin - D - Kelowna WHL

Collin Bowman / Kelowna Rockets WHL

D-R / 6-2.25, 200 / 13-Jun-91

Skating: 30 / Skill: 40 / Sense: 55 / Compete: 50 / Tough: 50

Strengths: Good strength and size. Decent hands. Has shown flashes of solid d-zone play.

Weaknesses: Skating is a serious flaw. Overall game seriously regressed this season.

His draft year was pretty much a disaster. But I still remember the flashes of ability from late in the 07-08 season/playoffs and last summer's tournaments. And at the back of my mind is a little thought about his brother's draft year - which was also disappointing.

Summary: This guy is the speculative penny stock of this draft. Pick him up with a late pick and see if he's a late bloomer like his older brother.

Draft Day: I might think about him beginning in the 5th, but would prefer to spend a cheaper 6th/7th rounder if I think I'm the only one who sees anything in this guy. He's probably fallen off a number of NHL lists completely, but there's going to be a quite a few teams that will still take him somewhere.

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