Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tokarski, Dustin - G - Spokane

Dustin Tokarski / Spokane Chiefs WHL
G-L / 5-11, 185 / 16-Sep-1989

Quickness: 30 / Glove: 45 / Reads: 60 / Technique: 40 / Poise: 60

Strengths: Good making the first save. Good play reading. Calm. Wins wherever he goes.

Weaknesses: Plays small and too deep. Rebounds can be ugly. Poor recovery. Mediocre quickness and glove. Has holes up high.

Looked awful everytime I saw him through the first 3/4ths of the season. And after that, okay at best. Positions well for initial save. Comes out to challenge. Does not have good body control. I see too many holes up high that will get picked apart at the pro level. Reminds me too much of Kelly Guard and Brent Belecki. Then again, he reminds me of Cam Ward as well.

Summary: Problem player for me. I'm either way right or way wrong on this one.

Target/Want: Would not want until last couple of rounds, if at all. Obviously will be off the board long before then.


Anonymous said...

Yeah he's terrible. Was a top 3 goaltender in the regular season, and the top goaltender in the playoffs and Mcup. Yer right, terrible. Where'd you get your scouting license? Back of a Rice Krispies box?

Heather said...

Yeah I know what you are saying. Dustin is just sooooo dreadful. With him winning the MVP for the Chenowyth Cup and then winning the MVP for the Memorial Cup. Stopping 53 shots in teh final game. Seriously, who does that?

I mean, clearly the Chiefs have a dreadful goalie on their hands. They'd probably be better off with a Winterhawks netminder.

Anonymous said...

He does have rebounding issues, but fortunately he has had decent defensemen in front of him to clear them out.

Anonymous said...

yup horrible...only wins wherever he plays won in the juniors then won the memorial cup in major juniors, the Chiefs should have stuck with Armstrong I guess

madison said...

I'm pretty sure that I would not take a goalie like tick if I was an NHL coach, I mean the best GAA in the WHL and Memorial, leading his team to their first championship since 1991, and outplaying the #1 goaltender Pickard in every aspect of the game during the WHL Western Conference championships in a grueling 7 game series. I mean he is obviously not good and definitely he breaks under pressure.

James G said...

hahahaha... ahh you crack me up, your obviously not a real scout, your probably from lethbridge and now you hate him cause he shut you down. hater. if you search up his name on google, your not gonna find anything but good stuff about him.

Anonymous said...

i cant believe you guys are ripping on Tokarski!!! at his level he dominates. maybe its because he gets 20 shots average with the awesome defense in front of him, but he is a very good goalie. Maybe not ready for the pros as previous example, Carey Price, has shown..

mintofan said...

your an idiot! Best goalie in the league! You have seen him what - one game and that gives you the right to bash him like you did. Check out the stats Remmarde - 386 shots and only 18 goals. 1.48 GAA, 3 shutouts, can't say its his defence as he has faced almost the most shots in the league. Sexsmith with 151 shots and 15 goals, Your pickard at less shots of 329 yet has 29 goals against! I know who I would want in net. You should keep your mouth shut when you don't know what your talking about and go back to sorting M&Ms! By the way - do you ever come back on here and say YOUR WRONG!

Anonymous said...

Gee, I guess Pat Quinn & Hockey Canada is not as smart as you hey?