Friday, May 30, 2008

Boychuk, Zach - C - Lethbridge

Zach Boychuk / Lethbridge Hurricanes WHL
C-L / 5-9.5, 175 / 04-Oct-1989

Skating: 75 / Skill: 65 / Sense: 65 / Compete: 60 / Tough: 60

Strengths: Very shifty and has blazing speed. Great scoring and playmaking instincts. Plays much bigger than his size and is fearless.

Weaknesses: Size is the only real concern.

Has all the ingredients you look for except the big frame. Does everything so well at top speed. Good hockey sense, always makes quick decisions. Skating actually seemed to get better this season. Not afraid of taking a hit to make a play and will battle physically.

Summary: Should be a pretty safe pick to contribute in the NHL despite smallish size. Has first line upside and no worse than third line downside.

Target/Want: Once the second tier of top forwards like Hodgson, Wilson and Tedenby are gone, Boychuk is the way to go. Should go in the low teens.

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