Friday, May 30, 2008

Beach, Kyle - RW - Everett

Kyle Beach / Everett Silvertips WHL
RW-R / 6-3, 203 / 13-Jan-1990

Skating: 35 / Skill: 65 / Sense: 65 / Compete: 80 / Tough: 65

Strengths: Ultra competitive and physical. Excellent hands. Very good hockey sense.

Weaknesses: Skating is a problem. Very questionable character and tends to be a huge distraction off the ice. Concussion history is a serious concern.

Has the dream package of size, hands, and competitiveness. Does not get enough credit for his skill level. Excellent goal scorer's instincts and can create as well. Skating is not good and will have to improve. Added 22 pounds from last season. Horrible finish to season - but was stuck on a bad line in second half. I don't understand why Becanic split Hamill and Beach onto different lines - perfectly complementary players who should have both been on the first line all season.

Summary: The ultimate home run swing pick. Either going to be an NHL All-Star or bounce from team to team burning bridges with coaches.

Target/Want: Concussions drop him quite a bit for me. But you can't let this guy get past the 20th pick.

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