Sunday, November 26, 2006

What's Wrong With Thomas Hickey?

At this point of the scouting season, I expected Thomas Hickey to be moving up my list. But instead he's moving down after two viewings I've had the last 3 weeks.

Two things look bad right now: 1) Something's definitely off with his skating. 2) He's just not rushing the puck like he did before.

While updating my rosters this week, I noticed Central measured Hickey at 190 lbs this fall. Last September he was 177 lbs. That might be clue #1 on why his skating has regressed. He definitely lacks some quickness and overall speed versus the 2005-06 version of Thomas Hickey.

As for his lack of puck-rushing - perhaps that's also a symptom of the skating. But he's passing up chances to carry the puck that he didn't before. Looks like a conscious effort to play better defence. Memo to Thomas: being a 5-10 stay at home defenceman is not your ticket to the show.

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